суббота, 9 декабря 2017 г.

Give it to me…

Oh yes, your bare cock inside me.  I can feel you, it feels so good, we are never using condoms again. Now fill me up, hubby! I was made to take your cock.  Give it to me…deep.  When you’re ready shoot your seed deep in my pussy and impregnate me.

His manly handiwork.

I love when my husband wants to check his manly handiwork after fucking me.  It’s very gratifying being able to show him that he has pumped more sperm into me than my little pussy can hold.

This is a wonderful position to be inseminated.

This is a wonderful position to be inseminated.  On my back beneath him, my legs pinned back making my pussy open and vulnerable as he sinks his cock balls deep inside me to shoot jet after jet of sperm into me. He made me a mommie twice in this pose and now he is making me the mommie again.

I was made for this.

Here I am again, beneath you, surrendering my feminine charms to your masculinity.  I open my legs widely, making myself as open and vulnerable as I can for you.  I love your dominance over me, showing me that I belong to you.  The way you can literally take my breath away and bring me to those multiple orgasms as you master me with your manhood.

Eventually I feel your thrusting becoming more driven. You begin gasping harder as you drive your breeding tool into me.  Your desire has shifted from pleasing me to satisfying your own needs, achieving your orgasm. Wrapping my arms and legs around you I pull you so close to me, wanting to show my desire for you to give me your seed.  Though I know you’re going to, and you know I’m wanting it, I urge you on.  “Cum in me…cum in me” I coo into your ear, “let me feel you shooting deep inside me.”  I know how you enjoy having me begging for your seed, the way it just drives you even more to empty yourself into me.  I love knowing that it is me that will be making it happen.  Knowing it’s the warm silky softness of my pussy grasping and caressing your cock that will coax it to release its treasure.  “Oh yes…I’m ready…I’m ready…cum in me…cum in me…fill me with your sperm…inseminate me.  I was made for this.  Do it deep inside me.

среда, 4 октября 2017 г.

Don’t fight it!

Take every inch of my thick cock you my little wifey. There’s nothing you can do to stop me from flooding your fertile pussy. Yes I know you’re ovulating, why do you think I cuffed you to the bed?! I’m going to keep you like this until I fuck a baby into your belly. Don’t fight it! It’ll just make me cum even more.

вторник, 12 сентября 2017 г.

Oh please, I want it deeper...

“Deeper.. Oh please, I want it deeper. I need to feel the tip of your cock on my cervix shooting its healthy load directly against it. I have to know that my fertile egg won’t be wasted this month, please make sure I become a mommy this time.

вторник, 13 июня 2017 г.

Breed meeeeeeee!

I love being bred. I always beg my husband to knock me up, to give me his little baby. I want so much to be pregnant with a big round belly and have full milky titties for him. Ohhh yesssss do it, my tiger, breed your wifey! Breed meeeeeeee!